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of the roads are government controlled. >> thousands have descended on tripoli airport. tonight, britain stands accused of abandoning u.k. citizens. >> the british embassy, all he did was call me two days ago, three days ago, to say we recommend that women and children leave. then two days ago he called and recommended everybody goes. i said, how? he said, that is your problem. >> this oil worker was stranded in the desert, not able to escape. >> we are living in fear of our lives, as the local people were protesting. the british government is ignoring us. >> the french airforce has already rested its people. two landed in tripoli -- to airplanes landed in tripoli last night. british airlines have canceled all of their flights, but germany has run commercial and military planes to evacuate people from libya. turkey has used planes and boats to get people to safety. hundreds of british people have been leaving successfully from tripoli, many of them assisted by the foreign office. what happened this morning was to airlines that are meant to fly planes refused to do so or failed to do so, and now
been closed. a defiant gadhafi appearing in tripoli today with crowds that supposedly support him, but witnesses report fierce clashes between security forces and protesters in the libyan capital. the u.n. began a meeting on this just a while ago. one u.n. official says gadhafi's crackdown is escalating, and thousands may have been killed or injured. our correspondents in libya across the region covering this breaking story as only cnn can. let's begin this hour though with more on -- more on the americans and the other evacuees who finally have arrived in malta in the mediterranean just a little while ago on that ferry boat from tripoli. cnn's ivan watson is joining us live from malta. what are the folks there saying, ivan? >> reporter: good evening, wolf. i want to introduce you to a woman who just arrived on this boat, a 26-year-old american writer of libyan descent. you just arrived with your family members. how do you feel after arriving here in malta after fleeing libya? >> i feel relieved to be off that boat for three days. i feel safer, but at the same time my heart is com
. into the terrified city of tripoli, into the home of a woman who says she isn't sure how much longer she can hold on. she is desperate. she's desperate that you hear her plea tonight. the call that she made to us at great risk to her own life. this call is a cry in the night. she hasn't been outside in the streets in five days. merely stepping outside her front door she says can be fatal. her ruler, the dictator of libya has hired mercenaries who are still on the streets, free to kill. and too much blood has already been spilt. the front line in the fight for the future of libya is just outside this woman's front door. gadhafi controls the streets with his mercenaries and thugs and special forces commanded by his son. but fighting continues elsewhere in other cities. we have new video to show you. protests today about a half hour west of tripoli after a battle between pro and anti-government forces there today. [ gunfire ] west of tripoli, fighting as well in the cities to the east. but the future of libya will be won or lost in tripoli itself. today, gadhafi made another speech. if you thought this
. there are reports of clashes and casualties in the area around tripoli and the west. many egyptians and other initiatives are trying to escape the fighting in libya. gadhafi are blaming them for importing the revolution to libya and are dealing with them restlessly -- ruthlessly. many people died and central tripoli, many people from tunisia and egypt. they just leave the wounded on the streets and let them die. five of my friends were also killed. >> as a growing stream of refugees is fleeing the violence in libya, the power struggle between will list at opposition forces continues. >> so much of what we know about the situation that libya is cong to us through social networks such as facebook and twitter. we're joined by an internet group that has been a rallying point for opposition groups in libya. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, good evening. >> you are from libya, what is the latest situation? >> libya is completely liberated. the media should focus on tripoli. we are thinking now that the media is playing into the hands of colonel gadhafi. the west might try to make up their own s
>>> good evening, everyone. tonight in tripoli, families are once again hiding in their homes as gunmen rule the streets and the dictator, moammar gadhafi, and his sons continue to oversee the killing of unarmed protesters and continue to lie about what they are doing right now. gadhafi today telling libyans they should be singing and dancing in the streets. i want to show you what his people are really doing in the streets and what's being done to them in those streets as protests swept tripoli today. the gadhafi regime, which claims it would never kill its own people, is killing its own people, again. more died today. more will likely die tomorrow. by all accounts, what we are witnessing, what we are watching, what gadhafi and his henchmen are doing, is wholesale butchery. take a look at what happened today. people leaving friday prayers at a mosque in tripoli were attacked. the call had gone out to protest after prayers, but government forces were there, waiting with weapons. watch. [ chanting in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] >> the firing goes on and on. troops shooting n
and two in the afternoon in the libyan capital of tripoli. the latest city to be caught up in the wave of rebellion. it's little wonder, perhaps that muammar gaddafi's son chose sunday night to raise the prospects of civil war and rivers flooding with blood. security forces were reported to be gunning down demonstrators even as he spoke. no word from the president himself. the streets from tripoli are quiet, but for how long? >> amateur video apparently showing anti-government protesters in tripoli. protests breaking out in the capital for the first time in towns and cities and east of the country, suggesting a new level of threat to the regime. latest reports suggest continuing trouble for the government. on the streets, what appeared to be a group of pro-government supporters. muammar gaddafi. on national television, a response to the protests. saif gaddafi warns that there could be a civil war. >> we will agree on a new libya, a true libya. in their this, or be ready for separatism and civil war. forget oil and gas. forget these resources. get ready for chaos. >> the promise of a ne
for me, muammar qaddafi's message in tripoli. but qaddafi's opponents face protest until they're stopped in a hail of bullets. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. coming up later for you, on the coast of civil war, thousands of clashes between rival forces. as the recovery operation continues in new zealand, that submerged people from more than 20 countries died in the earthquake. in the past few hours the united states has imposed sanctions on libya, while the united nations is considering further action in response to the bloodshed in the country. president obama said the sanctions would target the assets of colonel qaddafi, members of his family and the libyan government while at the same time protect the interest of the libyan people. britain and france have drafted the u.n. security council resolution, which calls for an arms embargo as well as multilateral sanctions. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in new york. the timing was important because the president waited until the evacuation of all u.n. nationals from lib
leader muammar gaddafi has come out on the streets of tripoli to tell his supporters to arm themselves to defend libya and its oil. his speech came shortly after forces loyal to him opened fire against demonstrators in several parts of tripoli. the u.s. has imposed sanctions against libya, but early, colonel quaddafi's son went on tv to say that he and his father would never leave libya alive. we have a reporter in tripoli. >> in the open air, lines of people waiting for a flight home. some in bright visibility jackets seem to be in organized groups. others seem to be waiting a long time. there were some sodden blankets and a lot of people dream of home. the airport is operating, but getting on a plane with so many here is a big challenge. we have been invited here by the authorities, presumably so we can hear more messages of defiance, and also so they can show was that here in the capital at least, things are normal and they are well in control. those scenes at the airport are not normal. if the libyan economy relies on the neighbor -- the labor of tens of thousands of migrants, and
that he had departed. the latest report say tripoli is quiet after the sound of gunfire and military planes in the capital monday night. >> burnt out government buildings reflecting the aftermath of protests in the capital and regime attempts to suppre suppress. more pictures of the protests that preceded those in tripoli. those in government have a growing concern. they bear the libyan flag from before the era saying no for destruction, yes for what is good for the country. with his forces now waging an increasingly bloody power to keep him in power he made this brief bizarre appearance denying suggestions he had fled abroad. >> i was talking to young people tonight at the green square but i had to come here to prove that i'm in tripoli, not in venezuela and to refute the malicious rumors made by those wicked channels. >> the united nations security council will meet today to discuss the libya crisis. u.n. secretary general says he has urged gaddafi to stop violence against demonstrators. >> i have seen very discouraging and shocking things where they have been firing at demonstrato
. these shots from tripoli were uploaded today on youtube, scenes of chaos in the streets, people setting fires. cnn can confirm the uprising in benghazi. although cnn doesn't confirm post, we cannot -- >> moammar gadhafi has spoken since these protests erupted and did appear on state run tv but we don't know when this was taped. a few hours ago, his son hit the air waves to defend his father's government. he accused outside forces with interfering with libya's affairs. i want you to play a part of that and take a listen. >> translator: many people living abroad have decided to use this to start a campaign in order for the country to reach the state that happened in tunisia and egypt. this is all over the internet and facebook and media campaigns. so the government here and the security apparatus were aware of all this, so they did pre-emptive action before the 17th of february, and they arrested a few people who were involved. this developed into small demonstrations, then there were conflicts between different citizens, and then there was shooting. a few people died. there was violence agains
there taken by the opposition pushing towards tripoli. we just saw the city center filled with adoring crowds, but earlier, protesters filled in trying to mount demonstrations. new video in. we will bring it to you live. obviously, a very dangerous place to be. a boat load of americans and others must be thrilled to have shoved off from tripoli. they're due to arrive at any moment. diana, you see her there. she is live in the capital. what's going on? >> reporter: going to be here in just under two hours time. just spoke to the managing director of the ferry company. the u.s. embassy has charted to bring those over from tripoli. they're going to be here at 8:45, so just under two hours time. we know there are 300 people on board. 200 of them, over half. other nationalities. we've had a few conversations with them. sorry, i'm having a few technical problems. we've had quite a few conversations with them. they've been sitting in the harbor for the last 36 hours waiting for the seas to calm down. they say the atmosphere on the boat has been calm. they've had enough food. of course, they are goin
, it apparently now has come down to this, moammar gadhafi is holding on to control of his stronghold of tripoli but he's lost control of large parts of his country, mostly in the east with fresh fighting breaking out around the clock and around tripoli. tonight there's reason to believe he's highly rattled by the fighting, the uprising. he gave a speech today that was hard to follow and make sense of, even by his standards, and as he spoke, more of his territory was changing hands. we begin tonight again inside libya with our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, who's in the city of benghazi tonight. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, from benghazi. this is the unofficial capital of the rebel movement. lawyers and judges are administering the city. there's even now a radio station here called free libya, and the rebels say tripoli is next. the fighting is closing in on tripoli. rebels and ruthless mercenaries hired by gadhafi are battling for control of villages less than 100 miles from the capital. >> the streets were being blocked off by sandbags, by blocks, by br
of the devastating earthquake. it is 2:00 p.m. in tripoli, 7:00 a.m. in washington and midday in london. in the last hour of british judge ruled the founder of the wikileaks web site julian assange should be extradited to sweden where he is accused of sexual offenses. two swedish women accused him of rape and sexual molestation. he denies the accusations and has not yet been charged with any offense in sweden. his lawyer says he will appeal against the court ruling. he says the claims are politically motivated because of the work of his whistleblowing website. with me is our world affairs correspondent. it is the website that makes the whole case so controversial. >> that is why it matters but it is not what he is in court for -- of a leak of documents, the hundreds of thousands of documents, american diplomatic cables, is why the world cares about julian assange is back -- but the reason he is in court are these swedish allegations -- not even charges, which is one of the big part of this case today. the case depends on a european mechanism for countries in europe to be able to try citizens from on
of the country's oil fields. we have reports the rebels have taken over tripoli but we cannot independently confirm that but it appears nothing has come without a fight. there is word security forces are shooting live ammunition at anti-government demonstrators in the capital. we will talk to someone who is there, hiding out as the firefight continues into the dark of night. at the same time, thousands are trying to escape the chaos, a chartered evacuation flight left. and the ferry carrying 200 americans is just now arriving and there it is, in malta, after stranded in tripoli for days. live pictures that have begun to feed, we are waiting for the americans to get off the ferry. and now, coverage, with the latest from washington, dc from james, but first, jonathan hunt is live streaming from tunisia where thousands are trying to escape. the dictator seems to be out of touch and murdering his people and his right hand men are suggesting he could use chemical and biological weapons on his people. we have reached a whole new level. >>jonathan: indeed, and qaddafi's appearance on the streets o
, the united nations security council will discuss possible sanctions including an armed embargo. in tripoli, protesters are being urged to take to the streets after friday prayers as they are in other parts of the arab world. let's get more now from david. >>>> the sound of heavy gunfire rings out in the streets. videos have been supplied by opposition groups apparently shows violent clashes breaking out. it is climbed these scenes were filmed on monday. they are said to be in the hands of the opposition. in a telephone interview on state television, colonel gaddafi blamed al qaeda for libya's uprising. further demonstrations followed. >> my people are dying in here because muammar gaddafi -- because we are dying. we are fighting until we die. >> u.s. president barack obama has been talking to british prime minister david cameron. they have agreed to coordinate all possible measures. obama has also spoken to the french president, nicolas sarkozy and the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi about the international response. on friday, the u.n. human rights council will meet in geneva to
are reportedly nearing the outskirts of tripoli. and the center of power. today for the first time, president obama called for the leader to step down. saying the libyan dick tator ha lost his legitimatesy. we want to begin with jonathan rugman in tripoli tonight. >> reporter: they were burying their dead today. paying the ultimate price. for protesting against moammar gadhafi's rule. thousands attended this funeral and some were overcome with grief. 68 bodies counted by one doctor here in the last few days. gadhafi we will bury you they shouted. such defiance in the capital almost unthinkable to this uprising which began only last week. just outside of tripoli, another sign of the crisis confronting libya's regime. soldiers joining protesters 30 in the town 30 miles from the capitol. these pictures can't be verified but it seems that the rebellion is now on gadhafi's doorstep. and now small groups are on converging on tripoli itself. this checkpoint, many long coats defending the city itself. when we started filming openly, the guns suddenly disappeared. instead, the militia ripped up a demo
be cornered. tonight our report from inside tripoli. >>> a wild ride and a dramatic end to one phase of the showdown in wisconsin, but it's not over yet. >>> making a difference, they are calling him the earthquake mayor. tonight we meet the man rallying a city that's been shaken to the core. >>> plus why the biggest name in beer stopped making beer today at one of its plants. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. what's happening tonight in libya is being called a deadly end game. gadhafi spoke again today, another strange speech. he threatened to turn his nation into a red flame. he promised to release the weapons in his arsenal to the rebels fighting for him. he also told people to dance and sing. the evacuation of americans is over. they got out safely today on a charter flight and a ferry boat. tonight most of them are there in malta. and for the first time we have someone inside tripoli in libya tonight, so we begin with the reporting of nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: in the heart of his capital, a dictator defiant. moammar g
oppression to the international criminal courts. >> and the heart of tripoli, but at that big government argues in part it is fighting a battle against the west -- the gaddafi government. >> they want the libyan oil. the magic word. i am heard a journalist you heard many times before and you have seen it in action before. oil. and what not mind these western powers a change in the libyan government's, but ouil is the main target. >> but the internal opposition to colonel gaddafi appears to be growing in strength in confidence. in benghazi in the east, local committees are being set up. but members of the council haven't yet been elected, said the spokesman, but it will be the face of the revolution. and these are the latest picture from zawiya to the west of tripoli. the control of the libyan capital is the goal of the protesters. >> let's take a closer look at who is controlling what really in libya. a colonel gaddafi's officers control much of the east, including -- opposition is controlled much of the east including benghazi. the opposition has formed a national council. next to bob o
in libya. reports coming in the military aircraft are firing of protesters in the capital of tripoli. dozens of people reported dead. europe response. the eu condemned the violence in libya and tells its citizens to geout of the country. >> oil prices hit 2.5-year highs as countries moved international staff out of libya. >> there are reports coming to us that military planes and helicopters around our five -- are not faring in the crowds of and that as government protesters in the libyan capital. libyan state television said a large-scale operation is now under way, aimed at what it calls pockets of terrorism. l phone connections to libya have been cut. we do know that at least 60 people are reported dead in tripoli, and muslim clerics are calling their followers to join the protesters. we begin our coverage with this report. >> a convoy of vehicles left tripoli traveling at high speed. eyewitnesses said members of gaddafi's close families -- close family were sitting in the suv's. unconfirmed reports say the libyan military has bombed crowds. the government controls the media, so t
and unrest continues in neighboring libya. west and east of the capital tripoli. an emergency meeting called the u.n. security council to discuss possible sanctions and an arms embargo. libyan leader colonel khadafy is still trying to win over the protesters -- offering them cash handouts and wages. hello, i am here in london -- >> welcome, i am here in london. also in the program -- footage of a terrifying moment to the massive earthquake hit christchurch, new zealand. how people living near the epicenter are coping. and it -- ♪ miami's new auditorium for young, talented musicians. >> it is 12:00 in london and 2:00 in cairo and cities across the arab world. friday is the muslim day of prayer but in recent months it has become a day of protest. a day of rage, as it has been called. today as well and the libyan capital where protesters are expected to gather on what is known as green square. to go out on the streets is to risk a dangerous confrontation with the forces that are still standing behind a colonel muammar gaddafi. in the east of the country, largely under the control of forces al
-- muammar gaddafi addressed thousands of supporters in tripoli. he urged them to fight back. his speech came shortly after forces opened fire against demonstrators in several parts of tripoli. in the past half hour, the u.s. has confirmed they have imposed financial sanctions against gaddafi and several of his family members. he said he and his father would never leave libya of life. our reporter since this report from tripoli. >> in the open air at tripoli airport, lines of people waiting for a flight home. some of them in high visibility jackets seem to be in organized groups. others appear to be waiting for a long time. there were blankets and a lot of people dreaming of home. the airport is operating, but getting on a plane with so many people here is a big challenge. >> we are hearing more messages of defiance. they can show us that things are normal in the capital and that they are in control. those scenes at the airport were not normal. the libyan economy depends on the labor of tens of thousands of migrants. the ones that are left are getting out. earlier there was another defiant me
-government protests intensified and reached deep into the capital of tripoli, moammar gadhafi defiantly vowed to hold power. >> translator: we can destroy any assault with the people's will, with the armed people, and when it is necessary the weapons depots will be open to all the libyan people to be armed. all the libyan tribes. and then libya will become a red fire. libya will become an ember. >> but anti-gadhafi protesters, well, they're equally defiant, using friday prayers as a rallying point for major marches across the country. and those marches went from east to west. we had them over here in benghazi. check out this image here. anti-government protesters now in control of libya's second largest city celebrating here with their weapons. this in the east in benghazi. more consequential, of course, the marches here in the capital of tripoli. watch this playing out. this the seat of power in libya. this right now the most consequential place to watch as this political crisis unfolds. and as it does, americans escaped the tense libyan capital today by ferry and by plane. and this is noteworthy. a
, there are strong signs the 41-year rule of moammar gaddafi may be nearing its end. problems of spread to tripoli. jetfighters are attacking protesters. eric's -- a police station was set on fire. they have left the capital possibly a, maybe even the country. his own people accused him of genocide. we are following events from neighboring tunisia. >> libya is burning, and the fire has spread. things that have been unthinkable have been recorded and smuggled across the internet. for a regime that crush people without mercy, this is the most serious challenge it has ever faced. few diplomats have defected, and many could be wavering. there are rumors, impossible to verify, that muammar qaddafi may even have fled to his hometown. libyans are now finding their voice, even if they are still too terrified to be identified. today, the military. >> the brutal repression by the regime is completely appalling and unacceptable and has no place in our modern world, these aspirations should be met with reform, not repression. >> libya has rarely been susceptible to outside pressure. even so, there is stress.
. tonight, what he wanted us to see. and what he found at tripoli's front door. >>> the battle lines at home over teachers in a city that fired every teacher on its payroll. >>> and the real story of a little boy who first heard the king's speech and convinced the real queen to someday let the king's speech and convinced the real queen to someday let the story be told. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. even as the libyan government today tried to demonstrate it is still in control of the country, there were clear and ominous signs that the noose is tightening around moammar gadhafi's regime. today, anti-government forces in dramatic fashion consolidated their grip on zawiyah, a key city just 30 miles from the capital and both side appear to be arming themselves for a make-or-break battle for libya's seat of power. nbc's jim maceda traveled from tripoli today and found a lot more than the government bargained for. >> reporter: this is what the libyan government wanted us to see, traffic jams in downtown tripoli, libyans going about their normal business. and as o
governments. here's the latest. while qaddoff-- qaddafi forces has tripoli on lockdown, rebels have taken a town near triply. the u.n. imposed sanctions against libya and the u.s. navy has moved several ships into the red sea in preparation for possible moves into the mediterranean sea. we have a team of correspondents covering the battle for libya and we begin tonight with kelly cobiella in tripoli. >> reporter: good evening. the one thing qaddafi has going for him is control of tripoli. it was quiet again here today but there were reports his enemies had scored a victory close by. the government said it wasn't true. and they took us there to try to prove it. the town was heavily armed and guarded, to the by qaddafi's men but locals flying the country's old flag adopted by the rebels in the east. crowds of armed men greeted us in the town square showing posters with qaddafi's head on a rat's body. they battled government forces for three days. >> qaddafi is down. no government. we are free. >> reporter: more than a dozen people reportedly were killed in the clashes, more are in the hospi
. here's the latest. while qaddoff-- qaddafi forces has tripoli on lockdown, rebels have taken a town near triply. the u.n. imposed sanctions against libya and the u.s. navy has moved several ships into the red sea in preparation for possible moves into the mediterranean sea. we have a team of correspondents covering the battle for libya and we begin tonight with kelly cobiella in tripoli. >> reporter: good evening. the one thing qaddafi has going for him is control of tripoli. it was quiet again here today but there were reports his enemies had scored a victory close by. the government said it wasn't true. and they took us there to try to prove it. the town was heavily armed and guarded, to the by qaddafi's men but locals flying the country's old flag adopted by the rebels in the east. crowds of armed men greeted us in the town square showing posters with qaddafi's head on a rat's body. they battled government forces for three days. >> qaddafi is down. no government. we are free. >> reporter: more than a dozen people reportedly were killed in the clashes, more are in the hospital. th
is intensifying around the libyan capital of tripoli as security forces try to fend off anti-government protesters closing in on the stronghold of the country's leader moammar gadhafi. with help from soldiers who defected from the army, government opponents have taken control over major northeastern cities like benghazi. mizurata is also in their hands. on thursday, fierce clashes between security forces and anti-government groups erupted in a town about 50 kilometers west of tripoli. a demonstrator spoke to nhk over the phone about the crackdown by the government. >> security troops loyal to gadhafi are being dispatched to guard the capital. a tripoli resident said the government is acting like nothing has happened patching up traces of the clashes and erasing graffiti critical to gadhafi. observers say the gadhafi administration is trying to show that the capital is calm. gadhafi blamed the turmoil spreading across the country on al qaeda. he made an audio address on thursday via state-run television. >> gadhafi said the people of libya have it within their power to change things for the better
power base. government security forces are still holding tripoli with firepower and fear. but the list of places they don't have is growing by the hour. several key cities close to the capital are reportedly in opposition hands. rebels claim that they hold benghazi, mizurata, and now azuia west of tripoli. the second, third, and third largest cities and a smaller town. in zawiya, 17 are dead after fierce clashes. pro-regime forces fired into the crowds carrying a body wrapped in white sheets. this is video from youtube. cnn can't confirm the authenticity, but the person who posted it said "these are pictures that were shot in zawiya." field doctors tell us they're worried the death toll will go up. they say around 150 people were injured. >>> in tripoli, eyewitnesses are telling us many people are staying inside their homes, not even going near the windows as armed security forces and mercenaries patrol the streets. one tripoli resident whose name we're not revealing for her own protection sounded both fearful and hopeful as she described the situation there thursday night. >> everybod
, but the brutal fight to crush his opponents goes on. it's 5:00 a.m. in washington, 12 p.m. in tripoli. you're watching "world one" live from london. >>> also ahead, reduced to rubble in just seven seconds. this video came to us from christchurch, new zealand, where hundreds are still missing after the earthquake. >>> and out of sight out of mind. we bring you a disturbing look at the plight of psychiatric patients in kenya. >>> plus, tiger's luck runs out. the former number-one golf champ makes an early exit in arizona. >>> first, city by city, this rebellion spreads. we're in libya now where leader muammar gadhafi is slowly losing his grip on the country he has ruled for 42 years, despite his brutal attempts to suppress revolt. in tobruk, the armies abandoned the town and the people say they are in control. the uprising which has succeeded in parts of the east has been distinguished in the capital. state tv broadcast these pictures of pro-government demonstrations on wednesday. tripoli said to have been in lockdown for most of the night. gadhafi's actions are triggering world condemnation
in tripoli. the u.n. human rights collection -- coalition is urging the international committee to remain vigilant. they may discuss what further measures can be taken. here is the report. >> the opposition to the role of gaddafi continues to spread. this is 50 kilometers from tripoli and surrounded by pro- government forces. inside, the people have rejected the current leadership. [no audio [unintelligible] the people here say government forces shot many protesters. one local medic says they need more doctors to treat the wounded. to show how precarious their hold is, a few kilometers down the road, supporters of gaddafi have their own rally. we do not know where their real allegiance lies. >> libya and means leaving -- living without the colonel. >> what is happening is a popular revolution against a dictator that has led libya with a blood thirsty soul. now we announce to the world that we intended to build a democratic nation with institutions that respect international obligations entreaties'. >> before they can do that, the humanitarian crisis that has gripped libya must be taken in
-year rule of muammar qaddafi will be ending. oppression has spread to the capital, tripoli. there are widespread reports of killings and of jet fighters attacking protestors, who set a police station on fire. one area seems to be largely under opposition control. there is word that muammar qaddafi has left the area, possibly even the country. he has been accused of genocide. for her own safety, we cannot reveal their names. she sent to this. >> the saenz would have been unthinkable one week ago are being secretly recorded and smuggled on to the internet. apparently, dissent without mercy. this is the most serious challenge he has ever faced. army units may be wavering. and pundits have been ordered to bomb protesters at. one has requested political asylum. libyans are finding their voice, even if they are too afraid to be identified. >> my friend is 20 years old, and she has only been a bride less than 1 months, and her husband, he got shot. also, a young boy, four bullets. we do not know what to do. >> earhart -- there are signs of strength. >> we will agree on a new libya
of benghazi as well as from tripo tripoli. there are other planes trying to come out. all of the indications that we've gotten are that tripoli airport is a complete zoo, a complete nightmare. where even the air traffic controllers are not always at their posts to guide in incoming planes. >> cnn's ivan watson standing by in malta. ivan, don't go anywhere. this is going to be continuing coverage here on cnn. thanks for watching. my colleague brooke baldwin in washington takes away the coverage now. >>> don lemon, thank you. hello, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin here live in washington. we'll continue watching this breaking story unfolding. there on malta, this island, some 250 miles offshore of libya, these are the first live pictures of this ferry that the state department had chartered. there are about 300 or so passengers on board, 168 of them americans. this thing had been pushed back not just one but two days because of bad weather and rough seas. i know we have ivan watson standing by with me in malta to walk through this occasion. ivan, just walk me through. this is so, so significant f
is coming down for a battle for tripoli. moammar gadhafi now using not just foreign mercenaries to hang onto power but arming teenagers, thugs, encouraging prisoners and anyone else he can get on the streets. we've talked to a number of people and you're going to hear from them and all say the same thing. they have seen a dramatic change for the worse on the streets today. more dangerous, more deadly than ever. we have new video of what tripoli looked like 48 hours ago before gadhafi made that speech yesterday, threatening to execute those who opposed him. take a look. [ horns honking ] two days ago, crowds of anti-government protesters felt safe enough to gather in green square in the heart of the capital, lighting fires. tonight, armed thugs roming the streets, hunting anyone who looks like a journalist. anyone with a camera or anyone suspected of trying to tell the world what is happening. you're going to hear from a woman who is risking her life to tell the world what's happening. in the city's main cemetery, they are ready for a blood bath. new video showing row afro of fresh graves bei
. >> lehrer: in libya, gunmen loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi roamed tripoli today in an effort to hold the capital. witnesses said people barricaded neighborhoods to keep out the militia. and several more towns near tripoli broke away from government control. there were also new accounts of up to 1,000 killed-- accounts the italian foreign minister said were credible. we begin with a report from alex thomson of "independent television news." >> reporter: they burned his image. they burned anything green-- the color he made his and libya's own. this man even claims the protestors have renamed tripoli's green square. they say they now call it benghazi square. if colonel qaddafi thought last night's marathon speech would dampen his people's rising anger towards him he seems to be wrong. more pictures have emerged today showing the strength of anti-qaddafi feeling, this time in libya's western region. we're unable to verify any reports from the western side of libya where the western media are still firmly banned. but it seems the coastal towns are no longer under colonel qaddafi's control
>>> voices ring out, but so does gun fire. tripoli burns. no word from omar gadhafi, but his son says they could be headed to civil war. you are watching "world one." one government building in on fire in tripoli. the state tv station has been ransacked according to multiple media reports. it is still on the air. human rights watch says 233 people have died in major unrest sweeping the country. sunday night there were violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces. this was the scene in tripoli. protesters set fire to cars and witnesses say they heard pro-gadhafi music in the streets. this is the area where the protests have been centered around. it is north of the city? what is called green square. the violence spreads, moammar gadhafi's son spoke on tv. >> tomorrow we can speak rationally, we can spare the blood, we can stand all together for the sake of libya. we have a rare and historical moment to create an extraordinary reform in libya with the least amount of harm and losses. because if it wasn't that, forget about democracy, forget about reform. we
of correspondents on this ever-changing story, and we begin tonight with kelly cobiella in tripoli. >> reporter: russ, good evening. it was a relatively quiet day in tripoli today, although we did hear reports of qaddafi arming civilians and sending them into neighborhoods to patrol. having said that, we saw no signs of fighting today after a very violent friday. in this working-class district of tripoli, 100 neighbors gathered to march, not to protest, but to mourn anwar elgadi, killed, they said, in demonstrations against the government friday. they described a massacre, a family killed in their car. armed african mercenaries using an ambulance for cover. >> they were killed by the ambulance. that have black people in it. yes, from the-- they're shooting everywhere. >> reporter: they say five people were killed here friday, a day the government claimed went by without incident in tripoli. yet, these small alleys and side streets are littered with evidence of violence. bloodstained steps, broken glass, a charred police station. some are vowing to protest until the regime falls, and they've jus
>>> the battle for libya. rebel forces creep closer to tripoli, as moammar gadhafi's grip on power continues to slip. >>> up in flames. wind-driven wildfires destroyed dozens of homes in west texas. >>> and a royal night. "the king's speech" takes its throne at the 83rd annual "the king's speech" takes its throne at the 83rd annual academy awards. captioning funded by cbs >>> and good morning to you on this monday. i'm terrell brown, in for betty nguyen this morning. we begin with the revolution in libya. libya leader moammar gadhafi says he's not going anywhere. the united states government is offering any type of assistance to those trying to get rid of him. anti-government rebels are closing in on gadhafi. they've taken over tanks and anti-aircraft weapons. they now control the city nearest the capital tripoli. this morning they're waiting for a counterattack. kelly cobiella is in tripoli this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> terrell, good morning. the government actually told us that this town, the town of zawiyah was in government hands and they took us there y
the president of the united states. let's attack a look at the latest. the capital city of tripoli is in lockdown. the u.n. estimates 1,000 people have been killed in the civil war, and for the first time, president obama says qaddafi must leave libya. we have a team of correspondents on this ever-changing story, and we begin tonight with kelly cobiella in tripoli. >> reporter: russ, good evening. it was a relatively quiet day in tripoli today, although we did hear reports of qaddafi arming civilians and sending them into neighborhoods to patrol. having said that, we saw no signs of fighting today after a very violent friday. in this working class district of tripoli, 100 neighbors gathered to march, not to protest, but to mourn anwr elgadi, killed they said in demonstrations against the government on friday. they described a massacre, a family killed in their car, ar armed african mercenaries using an ambulance for cover. >> they were killed by the ambulance. they're shooting everywhere. >> reporter: they say five people were killed here friday, a day the government claimed went b
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